The Transformative Power of Yoga: A Journey Beyond the Mat

April 13, 2021 by



Hi there!

Here is a quick post on how to cancel yourself out of a class reservation and information about our waitlist. Friendly reminder…you must cancel your reservation within six hours of the class start time or you will lose that class pass. We are very limited on in-studio space at this time. We appreciate you understanding!

Step One:

Go to our website, Click the “classes” tab circled below.

Step Two:

Click the “Try class” button pictured below.

Step Three:

Click on any of the buttons, “Sign up” or “Waitlist” as pictured below. That will get to the page to log in to your account.

Step Four:

Log in to your account.

Step Five:

Click the “Your Account” option to find the drop down menu, as circled below.

Step Six:

Click “My Schedule” as circled below.

Step Seven:

Here you will find your class reservations, as pictured below. If you see the word “Cancel” next to your class booking, you will have the pass added back to your account. As long as you use the class purchase within one year from purchase date, you will not lose it. If you see “Late Cancel” next to your class booking, you will forfeit the pass as you are within that six hour cancellation window. By doing this, you open that spot up for someone else to join us. We greatly appreciate it!

Waitlist Reservations:

When making a “Waitlist” reservation for a class, you will be prompted to sign up just like you normally would. You will be prompted to pay for your waitlist spot with a credit/debit card. Your card will be charged for whatever class pass you chose. That holds your spot in line. There are only three waitlist spots available, so it is all very controlled. We are limited to eight students in-studio. The waitlist is constantly moving as students cancel for all sorts of reasons. You will know you made it into class, because you will receive an email letting you know. Check your “junk” folder just to be sure. Sometimes you get notified right away of a cancellation and other times, someone may cancel within 30 minutes of the class start time. We have no control over this. We do love as much notice as possible! As a reminder, we require six hours notice as this buys us some time to fill any empty spots. If your reservation moves off of the waitlist and it’s too last minute for you to make it, no problem at all. Shoot an email to and we will add the class back to your account. From there, it will pull the next person off of the waitlist.

We hope this clears up any confusion and we look forward to seeing you in studio!